Owls are wise.

Owls see in the dark.

Owls see through illusion and deceit.

Owls are omens of change. 

Owls do not flock.

But maybe they should. 

What if there was a murmuration of owls

in Midtown, Atlanta? 

It would be a smart party.

It would be a spectacle to behold.

It's going to be a hoot!

Parliament of Owls is an owl themed lantern parade based in community participation. Make any kind of owl lantern you'd like! But kindly stay in the black and white theme. Owls are white, the attire is black. 

Parliament of Owls will begin at The Grove at Colony Square at Peachtree and 14th Street. Owls flock at 8:30pm and fly at 9:00. We will fly across  Peachtree Street on 14th and to Crescent Avenue where we will enjoy a rolling street closure on our .6 mile route back to the Grove up Peachtree Street!

Here is a map of the route.

The Midtown Arts MARTA station is two blocks from the start and finish. Uber and Lyft are recommended. Here is the Parkopedia map for the area. The Colony Square Parking Deck will be open.

Parliament of Owls is a Chantelle Rytter Project with Krewe of the Grateful Gluttons, best known for creating the Atlanta BeltLine Lantern ParadeOther Chantelle Rytter + Krewe Projects include the Sandy Springs Lantern Parade, the Decatur Lantern Parade, the Grant Park Halloween Lantern Parade, the L5P Parade of the Dead, and the Gnome March World Record Attempt. All are based in community participation and have become annual traditions.